Have you, as a born again christian gone through a trial? A time when you are going through an unexplained time of extreme difficulty? A time when you feel that your prayers are not being answered and in so many ways, in spite of having a good relationship with the Lord  and being in a ‘good place’ spiritually, things seem to be going against you. Not just one thing but a series of things, eventually making you look within yourself whether you are doing something wrong?
     Let me share something with you- A couple of years ago I went through a situation so unexplainable to the human mind that it made me question a lot of things! Initially I started asking the Lord, ” Dear Lord, why would you give me this opportunity if you wanted to take it away? Why am I made this way that this situation has hit me so hard? Had I not prayed at every step? Had I not asked you not to give me this opportunity of a lifetime in the first place if I would not be able to succeed in it? Why am I in such a bad place now  where I cannot even confidently think about what to do? Do you not see my desperation, my tears and my desire to do so much more for thee? 
      In a time as uncertain as this, the Lord systematically taught me so many valuable life lessons that I spite of still  going through the same uncertain phase, I see a ray of hope, a hope that echoes Paul’s words in Romans 8:28 that He is faithful to complete the good work that he has begun in me! And I just want to share a few of those encouraging words, events and personal experiences with you all my dear fellow believers that it may provide some forms of encouragement to you if you are going through something similar.
     There are so many examples of people going through such times, in the Bible, Job being the most commonly known. While his friends rambled on for long time based on what they thought was right, God was silently listening. But when HE spoke, no one else was even worthy to reply! Well, I saw a similar pattern among some of my dear fellow believers.  Almost everyone had something to say in regard to why all that I went through happened. Some offered good, biblical reasons while others speculated negative reasons. I have no qualms about what they said nor do I judge them for it because it is not my place to do that! What I do know is, if I am true to the Lord and continue to be so, HE, the righteous judge is on the throne and HE will answer on my behalf if needed, in HIS own time and in HIS own way. All I need is patience! 
Another person, though whose life the Lord spoke to me was David. Samuel anointed him as the future king of Israel after which we see a long silent period in his life. What is more disconcerting to the layman’s eyes is that he went through a series of bad experiences that would’ve easily made him question the will of the Lord in his life! If we would have been in his place we would’ve asked “Lord, why would you anoint me and give me the hope of becoming a King when all I’m doing is running for my life? 
     Here’s what I noticed through my personal experiences. When such experiences hit you its not just one adverse  event that takes place. I noticed a series of such adverse situations that I had to (and still have to) go through. It’s like wave after wave of problems hitting you one after another leaving you battered, bruised and broken! I have lost count of sleepless nights, tear-filled prayers and times of depression and discouragement. But here’s how the Lord encouraged me through David’s life-  Here’s a series of adverse events he went through. His brothers insulted him, King Saul tried to kill him multiple times, he had to run and live like a nomad, he lost his wife, he lost his best friend, he lost his sons (multiple), he lost his throne, he lost his counsellor, he had to run from his own son, he was ridiculed and disrespected; all for what? Wasn’t he God’s chosen king? 
     Yes he was! And all these situations were just to remove the unwanted things from his life so that this bruised, battered and broken man may be called ‘A man after God’s own heart’! Isn’t it amazing, how the Lord removes the dross, the impurities from those he loves to make them men after his own heart! All we know is that we may not be as great as Job or David but isn’t it amazing to realise that we are facing the heat of the furnace time and again so that we may be, in the words of the hymn writer  ‘purified, made white and tried’.
      So dear brethren, amidst your trial, just remember that there is a purpose for all of this ! Our great goldsmith is adjusting the temperature time and again so that these times of intense heat may make us pure like gold! Our great Potter is removing any unwanted stones from the clay and making us vessels useful for HIS service! All we have to do is draw near ro HIM and press on!